The Lenticulator by Jermolene

The Lenticulator is a web toy that helps you print and fold eye-baffling illusions whereby one picture blends into another as the observer moves from one side to the other.

Note that your pictures do not leave your computer, and are not uploaded to any server.

Step 1: Choose Images

Choose the two images. Landscape orientation images work best. They should be the same size or have the same aspect ratio.

Left Image

Right Image

Step 2: Choose Difficulty

Select the number of strips into which each image should be sliced.

Larger numbers will give a more effective illusion but the narrow width of each strip may present more difficulties in scoring and folding accurately.

Number of output slices:

Step 3: Print

Print this page by clicking this button:

Select landscape mode to ensure the largest print area. Some printers also let you disable the usual print margins for an even larger print area

These instructions will not appear in the printed output.

Step 4: Trim

Trim the excess paper with scissors or a guillotine

Step 5: Score

Score a line inbetween each slice of the picture. Use a blunt knife and a ruler, or a special scoring machine.

Step 6: Fold

Fold the picture into a concertina by folding in alternate directions.

Step 7: Enjoy

Tweak the folds until they are even and the picture is clear.